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一个8英尺. (2.4m) diameter and 360-degree angle adjustment capabilities, AirGo®是正规网赌软件下载最大的产品, most versatile vertical floor fan. Its compact design and durable construction make it an ideal air movement solution in the toughest of environments. Add the optional 所有的地形 Package and AirGo becomes the ultimate outdoor party animal. The 所有的地形’s oversized tires, wider base and four-wheel steering provide increased mobility.

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Need something a little smaller? Check out AirGo's smaller twin, 黑杰克.


Have an off-brand fan that can’t get the job done? 用正规网赌软件下载的贸易升级计划, we’ll give you credit for that “other” fan when you upgrade to an authentic Big Ass Fans product.



  • Easy-Lock system features 16 selectable positions, allowing for a full 360 degrees of angle adjustments
  • Pull-and-insert mechanism keeps the fan cage locked in position
  • Heavy-duty locking swivel casters operate independently for durability and mobility
  • The energy-efficient direct-drive motor offers infinite adjustments to fan speed through an intuitive speed control dial, ensuring you get exactly the amount of air you need

Low Noise

  • The direct drive motor produces virtually no sound and powers aerodynamic airfoils that are specifically designed for low noise.
  • Delivers airflow half the length of a football field, yet is quiet enough to carry on a conversation directly in front of the fan

Effective & 有效的设计

High volume/low speed (HVLS) technology delivers energy-efficient air movement in an 8-ft. (2.4米)垂直的粉丝


OSHA compliant slim-line cage exceeds safety standards and protects curious fingers


  • 轻巧紧凑的设计
  • Fully assembled (just attach casters) and packaged on a 33-inch wide pallet for immediate gratification of your cooling needs


  • A full 5-year warranty comes standard with AirGo.
  • Big Ass Fans handles all warranties without redirecting you to component manufacturers. We make it, we sell it, we install it and we guarantee it.



Oversized, foam-filled tires help the AirGo 所有的地形 move easily outdoors without the threat of annoying flats or the need to monitor air pressure. Four-wheel steering provides a smaller turning radius, improved cornering performance and steering response for effortless, 一人可操作性. Standard white paint means AirGo will always be dressed to impress at any event.


The standard colors for AirGo are silver and yellow. 想要一些不同的东西? You can individualize your fan with one of our 8 classic color upgrades, or work with our design consultants to create a shade that’s all your own.



We like to think every one of our fans is an eye-catching centerpiece. But if you’d like your AirGo to be something other than the standard silver and yellow, upgrade with any of our 8 classic colors, 或者指定一个你自己的. We can paint your fan any color in, over and beyond the rainbow.

Check out the diagram to see which parts of AirGo can be painted. 那就今天打电话询价!

a. 铝箔纸
b. Cage

Featured Case Study: Big Ass Airflow at Pacific Aviation Museum

You couldn’t get AirGo and 黑杰克 out of that hangar if you tried — our restoration guys would stop you. 他们喜欢这些粉丝. Ken Dehoff,执行董事


This 97,000-sq-ft museum occupies two hangars in sunny — and hot — Hawaii. To save energy and keep guests cool, the Pacific Aviation Museum chose Big Ass Fans’ Powerfoil®, AirGo® and 黑杰克® for indoor and outdoor airflow.

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