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Last Updated August 14, 2019


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Information we collect and how we 使用 it

Curious about what we do with your data? Well, you’ve come to the right place! When you 使用 any of our websites, our SenseMe application or our kickass SenseMe products, we may collect information to improve our products and 服务 (progress is kind of our thing), 正规网赌软件下载的市场, or to process the data related to energy efficiency and thermal comfort.

The data collected is gathered using some pretty cool technology, 包括像谷歌Analytics这样的工具,以及来自正规网赌软件下载的应用/设备与云服务器通信的报告, aptly dubbed 大屁股云. Information about your web browser, 操作系统, 页面访问, and more are also gathered through 谷歌分析 and similar tools.

如果你喜欢的话, you may choose to provide personal information (such as your name, address, (电话号码和电子邮件地址),或通过以下所述的其他方法发送给大屁股粉丝. 正规网赌软件下载还会告诉你正规网赌软件下载会如何使用这些信息(如果你担心的话,这不是为了跟踪你). If you 使用 our 三行俳句诗 首页 SenseMe products, 正规网赌软件下载将根据本数据隐私政策从您连接的风扇和/或设备收集和存储数据.

Here are some of the ways you may provide the information and the types of information you may submit. Kudos to you for giving a damn!


When you purchase a product from Big Ass 球迷 or register through the SenseMe application, we may request a variety of information to allow us to provide better service. And better service means a happier YOU. This information can include your name, address, 电话号码, 电子邮件地址, 产品的型号, serial number and purchase date.

Data from SenseMe 产品

The data collected is gathered from our apps/devices in communication with our cloud servers, 大屁股云. 这些数据被用来改进未来的产品,并为正规网赌软件下载的客户开发更多超级棒的功能或服务.

Our apps and devices collect information such as:

  • 室温
  • The state of the device (examples: on/off, speed)
  • 设备的IP地址
  • Occupancy in order to help control energy usage and thermal comfort
  • The device uptime, firmware version, and technical information about the app and device
  • Account information including the data you share during the sign-up process

Sales, Service and Promotional Activity

If you schedule a service call or delivery, 进行消费者调查, 购买零件, 参与正规网赌软件下载的促销活动(如回扣或竞赛)或通过本网站的“正规网赌软件下载”链接发送电子邮件给正规网赌软件下载, 正规网赌软件下载要求您提供您的姓名和电子邮件地址等信息,以便正规网赌软件下载回应您的问题和意见. You may choose to provide additional information as well. So click, comment and ask away! Unsurprisingly, we love talking about our products.

Questionnaires and Surveys

正规网赌软件下载偶尔会要求访问正规网赌软件下载网站的访客和消费者完成关于他们活动的在线调查和民意调查, 态度和兴趣. 你真是个蠢驴? 地狱是的! These surveys help us serve you better and improve the 使用fulness of our site. In conducting these surveys we may ask you for your name and 电子邮件地址. But no worries; we do 不 keep any personal information about you in connection with your participation in a Big Ass 球迷 survey unless you specifically agree to provide that information.

Information from Third-Party Sources

正规网赌软件下载可能会从公开和商业渠道(如法律允许)获得有关您的信息。, which we may combine with other information we receive from or about you. 当您选择连接第三方社交网络服务时,正规网赌软件下载也可能会收到有关您的信息. Yay for interconnectedness!

Our site 使用s a third party service to match browser cookies to your mailing address. We then 使用 a不her company to send special offers through the mail on our behalf. 本公司从不接收或储存任何此类信息,正规网赌软件下载的第三方也不会向任何其他公司或服务机构提供或出售此类信息.

To opt-out of receiving our direct mail, you may send us an email at info@1509365.com, call us at 1-, or send a written request to 2348 Innovation Drive, Lexington, KY 40511.

Online 服务 and Web Browser Tools

大屁股粉丝使用许多在线服务,以提高网页浏览器的体验,同时使用网站,并帮助规划未来的网站服务和营销提供. We believe in giving power to the people. You should know who these 服务 are so you can choose to opt out of them if you wish.


谷歌分析 is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“谷歌”). Google utilizes the Data collected to track and examine the 使用 of this Application, to prepare reports on its activities and share them with other Google 服务. Google may 使用 the Data collected to contextualize and personalize the ads of its own advertising network. This data may include demographic and personal interests they glean from your internet behavior.

Remarketing through 谷歌分析 for Display Advertisings

展示广告分析是谷歌公司提供的一项再营销和行为定位服务. 将谷歌Analytics及其Cookie执行的跟踪活动与Adwords广告网络和双击Cookie连接起来.


AdWords再处置 is a Remarketing and Behavioral Targeting service provided by Google Inc. 连接此应用程序的活动与Adwords广告网络和双击Cookie.

We 使用 other systems to collect and manage information on our web visitors. This is a list of the tools with links to their data management policies:

Use of Personal Information

We may 使用 the personal information collected about you for the following purposes:

  • 提供, administer and communicate with you about products, 服务, 事件, surveys and promotions (including by sending you marketing communications);
  • 无论您声明的隐私偏好如何,在您注册产品的服务通知或提供有关您的设备安全的其他通知时联系您.
  • To process, evaluate and respond to your requests, inquiries and applications;
  • To confirm and process your order, provide you with updates regarding your order, process returns and contact you concerning your order;
  • 创建, administer and communicate with you about your account (including any purchases and payments);
  • To verify your identity to ensure security for the other purposes listed here;
  • To evaluate your interest in employment and contact you regarding possible employment;
  • 操作, evaluate and improve our business (including developing new products and 服务; managing our communications; performing market research; determining and managing the effectiveness of our advertising and marketing; analyzing our products, 服务 and websites; administering our websites; and performing accounting, 审计, 计费, reconciliation and collection activities);
  • To protect against and prevent fraud, unauthorized transactions, claims and other liabilities, and manage risk exposure and quality;

We also may 使用 personal information for other additional purposes, which we identify at the time of collection. You may choose 不 to provide us (we can appreciate a little mystery) with certain types of information, but doing so may affect your ability to 使用 some 服务.


正规网赌软件下载与那些专注于提高正规网赌软件下载产品和服务的效益,并学习如何更好地营销和销售的工具和人员分享大屁股粉丝内部的数据. Like how we do things around here? Data from previous customers has helped mold us in to who we are today! 用于分析数据的工具通常由第三方开发或托管,通过安全浏览会话和/或加密数据.

Your data is super duper safe with us. We limit data shared with any third party even if you connect to them through our apps. 例如, if you sign up to connect your 三行俳句诗 SenseMe fan with a smart thermostat like ecobee, then you can rest assured we do 不 share any data with the thermostat company. We do access your thermostat’s data to provide better thermal comfort and increased energy efficiency. This information is transmitted through secure connections. If you connect Amazon’s Echo with our awesome 三行俳句诗 SenseMe fans or lights, 正规网赌软件下载和Echo共享你给风扇的名字,所以当你说“Alexa -把风扇打开”时,Alexa知道你想要什么 鲍比的房间.”

If you choose to have your products installed by Big Ass 球迷 or one of our trusted installers, we’ll keep things on lockdown by sharing information about the products you purchased and any specific installation requirements.

In the event Big Ass 球迷 receives a valid legal request, we may be required to share your information with authorities who have jurisdiction to make such requests.

We will never sell your personal data to any third parties.

We can share information with our channel partners who we are in privity of contract with, 谁对正规网赌软件下载负有合同保密义务,谁同意受本隐私政策条款的约束.


正规网赌软件下载的国际, 婴儿, 因此,正规网赌软件下载可能会将正规网赌软件下载在本网站上收集的个人信息转移到正规网赌软件下载开展业务的其他国家, but we will do so only for the purposes described above. When we transfer your information to other countries, we will protect that information as described here unless otherwise required by applicable laws.

If you choose to provide information to us and are located outside the 美国 of America, 请注意,大屁股粉丝dba俳句之家将把您的个人信息转移到美国并在那里处理. By submitting your personal information, you consent to this 隐私政策 and consent to such transfer. By using this site or otherwise providing Big Ass 球迷 with your personal information, 您保证您有权将该等信息转移到您的国家以外的美国境内.


为了保持事情运行超顺利,正规网赌软件下载提供链接到其他网站,为您提供方便和信息. These sites may have their own privacy statements in place, which we recommend you review if you visit any linked web sites. We are 不 responsible for the content of linked sites or any 使用 of the sites.


正规网赌软件下载有各个年龄段的粉丝, 但本网站并非针对13岁以下儿童,正规网赌软件下载不会故意在大屁股粉丝网站上收集13岁以下儿童的个人信息. 如果正规网赌软件下载意识到正规网赌软件下载无意中从一个大屁股粉丝的网站上收到了一个13岁以下的访问者的个人信息, we will delete the information from our records

How We Protect Personal Information

We take pride in taking good care of our customers. That’s why we maintain administrative, technical and physical safeguards to protect against unauthorized disclosure, 使用, alteration or destruction of the personal information you provide on this web site. 正规网赌软件下载使用安全套接字层(SSL)技术和其他技术来确保您在本网站上提供的个人信息的安全.

Updates to our 隐私政策

We may update this list from time to time without any 不ice to the public, so feel free to check back every now and then! Your continued 使用 of our 服务 constitutes acceptance of this policy.


如果您对本隐私政策有疑问或希望将您的信息从正规网赌软件下载的存储位置移除, 请联络正规网赌软件下载(info@1509365.com). Remember, there’s no such thing as a bad question!


Notice to California Residents

If you are a resident of the State of California, California Civil Code Section 1798.83允许您要求有关大屁股粉丝为第三方的直接营销目的而向第三方披露您的个人信息的信息. To make such a request, please send an email to info@1509365.com with “California Privacy Information Request” on the subject line and in the body of your message. We will provide the requested information to you at your e-mail address in response.